Lose Butt Fat – The Fat Loss 4 Idiots, How To Lose Butt Fat?

Lose Butt Fat – The Fat Loss 4 Idiots, How To Lose Butt Fat?

You may or may not have heard of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Chances are you haven’t simply because it’s still pretty new. I hadn’t heard a word about it until about 3 months ago, and thought I would give it a try, since I’m always interested in new fitness and weight loss programs. I wrote a Fat Loss 4 Idiots review going over my own experiences, which you can visit at that link if you’re so inclined.

This, however, is not a review. I simply wanted to talk about some of the aspects of this diet program, and what makes it such a refreshing bundle in the midst of all these other fad diets.

What Is It?

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots is helpful to lose butt fat and overall body fat. However, unlike, say, the Atkin’s Diet, which restricted certain foods, this program is based more on the overall idea of health. I won’t go so far as to say it’s a set of guidelines, but it’s certainly more approachable that some of the other things out there. It’s essentially broken down into three parts, and I’ll explain each of those briefly here.

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Part 1: The Detox

Okay, first things first, most people have been living their whole lives building up toxins, eating junk, and harming their bodies on the cellular level. The idea of a detox is nothing new- the Master Cleanse first came out something like 50 years ago.
I mention that because it’s actually one aspect of the detox portion of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Part 2: The Exercise

Oh, you thought this was just going to be one of those “shed hundreds of pounds sitting on your butt while it slowly disappears” diets? Not at all. The main exercise regimen in this weight loss program is based on high intensity interval training, which is usually abbreviated as HIIT.

Basically, this gives you intervals of exertion during your workout- You start out at a moderate pace, with brief spurts of intensity in the middle. With running, it may look like this: Jog 1 minute, sprint 20 seconds. Jog 1 minute, sprint 20 seconds. Etc.

Part 3: The Diet

The food part of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots  is really where it differs from other popular diets. FOOD is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pills, because the FOOD that you eat can either make you THIN or FAT.   You don’t get fat because of a lack of exercising, that’s a myth.  You get fat because you don’t eat the right foods at the right intervals each day. You have gotten overweight by eating the wrong foods, that much is a fact.  And guess what?   You can get SLIM by eating the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS each day. However, the bottom line is that you’ll be eating MORE than 3 meals per day during the next 11 Days…….and after 11 days have passed you’ll be much slimmer and lighter on the scale

I know, it all sounds like common sense, but the best part of this program is that it provides the resources to help you make that change. We all know fast food is bad for us, but why do we keep eating it? This program gives you everything you need to make it easier to stick to the lifestyle change.

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Does it Really Work?

What if we could show you a system of eating which was so different from anything else you’ve ever seen, that you’ll notice a change in your body in just 11 Days from Today?

Forget about your past dieting failures for a moment.

Just focus on one thought right now……….WHAT IF it was really possible to change your body in 11 days? 
Believe it or not it’s really possible to change your body over the NEXT 11 DAYS, and it has NOTHING to do with positive thinking…….because positive thinking all by itself won’t remove a single pound from your body.
That’s right………..if you want to get NOTICEABLY THINNER IN THE MIRROR then you need MUCH MORE than just “positive thinking”.   
Okay………get ready to be shown an Eating System which is so unique that you’re going to be anxious to begin immediately.

Food Is NOT the Enemy

This secret tip is Food is like a LIGHT SWITCH which can turn Fat Burning ON or OFF.
So even though it may seem like a contradiction to say that eating more often is the solution to weight loss…………that’s exactly what our New Dieting System is all about.  
Of course, you must eat the right meals in the right patterns each day(since obviously you cannot eat chocolate 10 times per day and get skinny).

The Fact!

Our Diet System uses another technique called CALORIE SHIFTING.
This means that your body will be given different types of calories each day………..which confuses your metabolism and forces FASTER fat loss to happen.

Finally, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the best one to lose any fat you want without any extra work. , if you really want to get the better results from Fat Loss 4 Idiots program. I will rate Fat Loss 4 Idiots 9 out 10. 

Don’t Believe it?   Keep reading below…

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